chase plato – ICE CREAM MAN


Bombastic, over-the-top, extravagant, charismatic, a zestfully rich spirit, chase plato isn’t afraid to go that extra mile with his rowdy sonic world. He brings an exuberant energy to every single he drops which leaves you in rapturous joy as his intoxicating hooks wriggle their way into the depths of your skull, going so deep that they’d require an excavation crew to remove them. It doesn’t stop there though because he adds this nostalgic feel-good factor too, it’s best described as N.E.R.D collaborating with Tyler the Creator in the early 2000’s with a Beastie Boys feature thrown in that will leave you begging for more. His debut RIP KOBE was triumph, instantly letting the world know what this artist was capable of doing and getting us all pumped for what was next. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long because he’s come back, not with a bang, but with an eruption of sonic glory.

ICE CREAM MAN is unadulterated fun that belongs on any party playlist. Throwing elements of hip hop, hyperpop and rock into his caster pot of shifting soundscapes, this single is impossible to define and impossible not to fall head over heels for. Erratic guitar riffs, booming beats, slick R&B melodies, warped vocals, all hugely different from one another and would usually cause a cacophony when united, but plato’s genius allows them to come together in this euphonic explosion that is utterly compelling. It fully cements him as one of the brightest talents around right now. Excuse the ice cream pun but this is simply legendairy.

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