sc0ttryan – DEAL


Killer visuals? Check. A production where I keep finding little things to admire even after countless listens? Check. Vocals that strike that fine balance between emotional damage and buoyant charisma? Check. Yup, I think it’s safe to say that sc0ttryan is definitely the real deal. Over the past year this artist has been going from strength to strength, finding the perfect niche market for his music that is one half My Chemical Romance and the other half 100 gecs. So far it’s been looking like 2022 is this artists year, he hasn’t missed a beat so far with each track he’s dropped has had massive amounts of replay value and DEAL is no exception to this rule.

With explosive electronics clashing together with his warped vocal display to form an eruption of dynamic potential that will leave you breathless, I think it’s fair to say that this might be his best track to date. Every drop reverberates through your body with the colossal power they bring. Then you’ve got the emotion he brings through his vocal, each note packing the same impact as a dagger in the heart as he screams his anguish out through an array of diary entry lyrics. Top it all off with a stellar video and it’s easy to see why sc0ttryan has such a loyal following.

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