birdtunes – Still You

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring birdtunes a fair few times on the site, with his silky smooth brand of R&B consistently making me swoon and fall head over heels for his lusciously toned vocal. His laidback melodies and heartfelt lyrical sentiments always have the ability to pull at your emotions, making you go from euphoric highs with his more uplifting moments, to devastating lows that will soon see you crying in a puddle of your own tears. Today however we see a new side to the artist, elevating his sound my expanding his genre horizons to create something utterly intoxicating.

Take a nostalgic soundscape reminiscent of early 90’s boybands, contemporary R&B melodies that lusciously wash over you, a touch of anti-pop that expands the sonic offering and a lo-fi haze to tie it all together and you’ve got Still You. The lyrics are stupendous as per usual, managing to convey the emotion of the piece with utmost ease whilst also giving us little hooks we can sing out loud to our heart’s content. Ever since hearing it I’ve found myself casually humming the hook wherever I go and I have no doubt many others will soon be doing the same.

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