Camila Herrero – July

Camila Herrero’s latest single is for the hopeless romantics of the world. The ones who sit back on the couch and watch romantic comedies starring Ryan Gosling whilst envisioning themselves as the main character who gets wooed off their feet. Or just look at the window daydreaming about the joys love can bring, but struggles themselves to express their intense feelings to who they want to be wooed by. That’s what makes Herrero’s new single rather mesmerising, she doesn’t hide behind the usual masquerade of false meet-cutes and happily ever afters in July, she remains real instead. You can feel the pain behind her vocal as she croons heart-wrenching lyrics weaving a narrative of falling in love too fast but becoming so attached to the person that you know they’ll always have apart of you that you’ll never get back. The production gently ebbs and flows with her storytelling too, allowing the emotion to build to a melancholia inducing finale that makes the ending of The Notebook feel like child’s play.

Born and raised in Argentina, this young musician is an artist the Western world is slowly falling for. From dream pop to folk, there’s no telling what this talented artist’s next release will entail, all we know is that it’s going to be something special.

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