FLO – Cardboard Box


All girlbands have an iconic first single that sets the bar for what’s to come, from the killer harmonies of Destiny’s Child to Little Mix’s hook filled bop Wings, and now it looks like we’ve got another one of these to add to the list. The London based girlband FLO aren’t pulling any punches with their debut, channelling iconic R&B goddesses of the early 00’s, like Mary J Blige and Aaliyah, but give them a contemporary twist that will leave you floored. Filled with individual tales of sour exes, Cardboard Box is a sonic treat made for hairbrush sing-a-longs and car karaoke sessions. With scintillating melodies littered through the production, courtesy of chart topping supernova MNEK, and luscious harmonies that effortlessly introduce us to the vivid sonic world they’ve crafted, FLO have got that special spark. Their rich sound is not to be messed with and when you combine that with the stellar visual aesthetic they have, it’s hard to argue that they’re on the cusp of superstardom.

This is a debut where everything has flown perfectly together. If you’re a fan of your girlbands and want to hop onto the next big thing, then this is your opportunity.

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