Valencia Grace – It Was You


Channelling her inner Olivia Rodrigo with heartbreaking lyrics that countless people relate to and find solace within as they attempt to move on from their crushing heartbreak, Valencia Grace makes her marks with a rather spellbinding debut. With lyrics that are well beyond her 18 years of age, the artist weaves an intense narrative in It Was You that makes you become part of her story. You’re the friend who sits down with her in her room as she unravels off the discomfort she is in as her anguished is released in a cathartic moment that we all find peace within. Her unfiltered outpouring of emotion is matched by her evocative vocal performance, tender with her deliver it’s reminiscent of what you’d sound like crying, but more through an angelic lens. This vivid portrait of heartbreak is up there with some of the best this year and will undoubtably soundtrack many late night crying sessions.

With a knack for creating impactful music that tugs at your heartstrings like a master guitarist, Valencia Grace is a cut above the rest with her debut. Be sure to keep an eye on this budding young artist who looks like she could take the world by storm.

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