Jerusha – Real Lies

If you’re a fan of Rihanna and have been on the lookout for a new artist whilst she’s meticulously crafting her next album, then it’s time we introduced you to the Toronto based musician Jerusha. Using her songwriting as an outlet for her inner thoughts and feelings that come out in an expressive flurry through her lyrics, Jerusha’s music feels like a diary entry. Every word feels personal, it doesn’t feel like her music goes through countless rewrites to make it sound perfectly refined like most modern pop singers. She keeps it raw and real with her unfiltered thoughts perfectly portraying her emotional torment whilst never feeling manufactured. That’s why her debut is a marvel to behold.

With a beautifully shot music video combined with her forthright songwriting style, Real Lies will drop your jaw with one listen. Her vocal never falters throughout, managing to evoke heart-wrenching emotion with every note she croons with the impactful production of tender piano keys, spaced out beats and powerful electric guitars only elevating this further. Infuse all that with her signature diary entry styled lyrics and you’ve got a debut that makes Jerusha a fresh Toronto talent who requires your attention.

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