Kasien – HOL TYT


As of late a fair few people from across the globe have been coming out and saying that the UK rap scene is finished, just to be evidently clear they couldn’t be more wrong and you just have to listen to Kasien once to understand that. This London based musician is destined to blow up with his evocative sound taking you through the whole spectrum of human emotions as he effortlessly spits bars that leave you reeling from the devastation he’s left at your doorstep. With bars for days, listening to any one of his tracks will have you enthralled by his natural ability to weave a lyrical tale and when you combine that with the invigorating beats he injects into his soundscape then you know you’re in for one hell of a show. Case in point, his latest single.

HOL TYT feels like a defining moment for the artist, seeing him go from someone who toured with countless other big names in the UK scene to being an artist who can stand his ground and go toe to toe with them. His fervent flow comes out and hits you with an unrivalled amount of force, leaving your awestruck with each heavy blow he delivers until you eventually land on the ground, completely floored by what you’ve witnessed. This guy isn’t stopping for anyone and his momentum is gonna keep him going for years on end.

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