Jame Minogue – Hate Being In Love

As his vocal effortlessly floats between poetic English lyrics to punchy Spanish phrases, Jame Minogue continues to impress with his global sound. The Dominican Irish musician has show time and time again how he’s able to blend different elements from his culture into his music, creating a unique sonic experience that only he can replicate. One listen to Hate Being In Love and you’ll see what I mean. Sun-kissed melodies are littered throughout the single with Latin flavoured drums adding a buoyant energy to the piece whilst scintillating salsa keys get your foot tapping and body swaying to the intoxicating rhythm this single offers. There’s an unmistakable charm to this single. After one listen you find yourself smiling like a Cheshire cat wanting to get up and do your best salsa dance moves in your bedroom like no one is watching.

It’s genuinely hard not to become a fan of what Minogue is doing right now and with his sophomore EP Prince Azul coming out later this year, there’s no better time to hop right in and become fan of this burgeoning artist.

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