it’s Just Cat – Not a Vibe


It’s Just Cat’s whole musical ethos is dedicated to creating a safe musical space where people can openly express themselves without fear of being judged. Her sound is born from freedom of expression and she wants everyone in the world to experience that joy too. Case in point today with the Dublin based musician’s latest single Not A Vibe, which is essentially a clap back at the people who tried to copy her, take advantage of her and just be exhaustingly toxic to her by making her feel like she wasn’t good enough. This single is a feel-good anthem all about being your 100% authentic self, bringing more positive energy into the world than the negativity others bring onto you. This bold, bright and bubbling number will fill you with a sense of euphoria that will soon allow you to smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat in no time at all. Especially when that chorus hits and that future mantra of a hook rears its compelling head.

With a music video featuring an all star cast of iconic Dublin drag performers (Dublin Shaqira Knightly, Annie Queeries & Donna Fella) it’s quite clear that It’s Just Cat isn’t pulling any punches with this release. From Head to toe, this is a feel-good anthem we can all get behind.

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