Wakai & Mick Jenkins – When There Was No Sun

‘When There Was No Sun’ is an ominous lowkey sounding Hip-Hop track anchored by a muted bass and a funky drum loop that makes the listener hone in on the lyrics; with good reason as the two featured lyricists Wakai and Mick Jenkins absolutely dissect the track. Perfect for a smoking playlist the song has a hazy undertone. ‘When There Was No Sun’ reminds me of classic rap tracks where two emcees trade clever verses and gives you the feeling that these two cannot be denied individually or also as a pairing. Mick has certainly been a legend for years at this point with his trademark poetic delivery and deep voice and Wakai has clearly separated himself as a rising talent in the Hip-Hop space with his witty lyrics and poise beyond his years on the record. Go play the record and run it back a few times to make sure you catch all the punchlines! 

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