Mehki Raine – BANG

Mehki Raine couldn’t of picked a better name for this track because it arrives and leaves with one hell of a BANG! This hypnotic artist hailing from London has been killing the rap game for the past three years, coming out with a consistent array dynamic flows and fiery beats that’s consistently left fans across the UK blasting his music on repeat. BANG is no exception to this rule. The heavy bass of Raine’s vocal leaves you in a trance like state where each word he utters draws you deeper and deeper into his boundary pushing soundscape. His witty, intelligent lyrics play a huge part in his ideology as he effortlessly brings an array of emotions to the front that allows him to proclaim whatever message he wishes to discuss with the British public, as well as his global fans. He’s an explosive artist who’s cementing himself as one of the finest artists in the British rap scene.

When you get the chance, be sure to dive head first into his back catologue, he’ll make you experience euphoria, melancholia and just about anything on the spectrum of human emotion.

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