I previously compared TEMPOH Slow to a rose with thorns, something so beautifully enchanting and filled with romantic inclinations that leave you swooning the instant you see one, but it also possesses a visceral edge that will hurt you in more ways that one. Ever since then I’ve never felt like I was wrong. With each release they’ve revelled in gently pulling me into their world with their alluring melodies and heartfelt vocals that croon me into a false sense of security, then three minutes later I’m on the floor in a puddle of my own tears crying over a love I never even had to begin with. There music is emotionally damaging in the best possible way.

TALK 2 MUCH expands upon this ideology further. With a 90’s inspired music video and a distorted vocal alterations, this track is one you can happily vibe along with as the melodies play, but if you want to get all up in your feels then all you need to do is listen to those lyrics. You know how sometimes you have to break the bone for it to reset and heal, this feels like what TEMPOH Slow are all about. They have to break you emotionally with their impeccable blend of intimate storytelling and expressive melodies for you to eventually heal. They break you, heal you and then become your new favourite artist.

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