Jenna Doe – Shapeshift

I’ve previously stated that Jenna Doe’s music is the type of thing you’d expect to hear in an coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig, one listen to her debut Weeping Willow and you’ll soon feel like you’re in one yourself. Now the Boston-via-Toronto Queer Asian Alt Pop artist has dropped a single with a story that could feature in any art house adolescent film, especially with the authentic imagery she paints through her honest lyrical display. Shapeshift narratively focuses on Doe falling head over heels for a girl who, in tragic circumstances, has a crush on someone who is the complete opposite of her in every way conceivable. However, her infatuation with this girl is so strong that she’s willing to transform herself to become her ideal woman, becoming a lump of clay they can mold to their own desire. Her strong feelings are felt through the brutal lyrics that go from insecure emotions regarding her own personality, to her willing to do whatever it takes to become this woman’s new crush.

Doe’s vocal is dazzling, effortlessly capturing the euphoria of puppy love with the melancholia of not having that love reciprocated. The production screams early 2000’s with the scintillating guitar riffs channelling her pain as the drums build upon this to create a tantalising atmosphere, instantly allowing you to project your own emotional torment onto the track itself. Doe has been doing outstanding things the past few years but this seems like her crowning achievement.

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