Chloe George – The Door

Whilst the majority of people will know her through her spellbinding rearrangement of Kanye West’s track Ghost Town, being on par with the original in a completely different way, Chloe George is now making a name for herself with her emotionally intuitive brand of pop. Her debut Peachi was an introvert anthem that you could blast on repeat for weeks on end and never get bored, now we get her follow single The Door that takes your by the scruff of your shirt and refuses to let you go. It’s a sublime piece of alternative pop that allows her voice to soar higher than the birds in the sky, gliding in-between blossoming melodies that range from celestial treats to the cacophony of electric guitars that explode into action during the grand finale. The lyrics paint a vivid image as we sit back and watch the story unfold through a quick paced cinematic sequence in our head, leaving you enraptured from start to finish as the door slowly opens to welcome us in, before slamming shut and refusing to let us forget about the majesty of this track.

Whether it be covering tracks from creative powerhouses, being in writing sessions for globally recognised artists or writing her own captivating material, Chloe George has proven time and time again that she has that special touch. She’s a true star in the making.

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