Elyss Daya – It’s Christmas Once Again

As we begin to enter the festive season we’ll undoubtably see a flurry of artists begin to unveil their own take on the time old tradition of writing a killer Christmas song. Ranging from upbeat bops that’ll have you singing the hook over and over again or, in the case of the London songstress Elyss Daya, the enchanting melancholia of being apart from that special someone during a time where everyone is coming together. It’s Christmas Once Again manages to capture the wonder of the season through ethereal piano keys euphonically melting into lullaby styled guitar plucking patterns and spaced out drums; creating an elegant dreamscape of this winter wonderland. However what sets this track apart from the crowd is her earnest brand of storytelling. There’s not a poetic word out of place as she paints a portrait of her desolate sorrow during this time that makes you want to put on your warmest sweater and sit by the fire nostalgically looking back and dreaming forward of a better Christmas to come. The celestial vocal is the cherry on top, reminiscent of Taylor Swift, as it embodies everything this saturnine number is about whilst still having a wistful energy.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend diving headfirst into Elyss Daya’s discography because you’ll be inundated with angelic songs that are utterly mesmerising and impossible to stop replaying. She’s got that special touch.

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