koriyona – 222.

Using an array of glistening synths, reminiscent of early 8-bit game soundtracks and late 2000’s 808 resurgence, to form a majestic atmosphere and sweet electronic melodies to form an ethereal soundscape, koriyona shows how magical her brand of scintillating hyperpop can be. The incandesce of her sound is something to be admired, especially within her latest release 222. where the radiating energy of her sparkling vocal that buoyantly hops around her effervescent soundscape will leave you in awe. On first listen you’d think this was just a beautifully crafted and elegantly magical affair, but beneath the surface level of beguiling melodies lies a gritty underbelly as her lyrics portray a slightly dark affair, particularly with blunt lyrics like, “Harvest (Harvest), your organs.” The juxtaposition of a happy-go-lucky production with harrowing lyrics about an infatuation that leans towards the stalker-murder side has been executed to perfection. First listen will have you enthralled and the second listen will have your jaw hitting the floor.

This whimsically dark offering is just a taste of what’s to come. Be sure to hop on the hype train for this artist because I’m sure it won’t be too long before the train is leaving the station.

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