tropes – ride w me

I fell down the tropes rabbit hole recently, listening to his delightfully blunt array of stories told through his electronically distorted soundscape that compliments the slightly chaotic notions he often finds himself contemplating. I do adore the way he forms his lyrics, ranging from witty wordplay creating playful imagery to being honest as can be with how upfront he is, which is all shown in his latest release ride w me. His warped vocal buoyantly bounces over the digital landscape in melancholy fashion as he paints and emotional portrait of the relationship at hand, specifically focusing on the low moments the break up has made the go through. We’re gifted imagery throughout that belongs in an A24 cinematic universe with lyrics like, “cuz thats not luck it’s fate / yea thats not love it’s fake,” being littered throughout the affair. The somber glitched out electronics build upon this melancholy tone further, leading to a tender end that will have you reaching for the tissues and flipping your ex off whenever you see them in the street for the next month or so.

As mentioned, I fell hard down the tropes rabbit hole and I highly recommend everyone else does the same. You’ll be inundated with a wide variety of glorious meshing electronics that you’ll end up blasting on replay over and over again.

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