Sea Lemon – Sunday

Whilst a small amount of people refer to a Sea Lemon as a group of medium to large sized, less colourful sea snails, the majority will soon refer it to the lucid songstress who’s dreamy debut single Sunday made us feel like the main character in our own biographical movie. Her introspective lyrics, which read like they were written by a poet, focus on the anxieties and guilt ridden feelings she went through during lockdown where, like the majority of the world, we were left alone with our thoughts and soon began to make us feel a tad mad. The wistful guitar melodies form this sunny atmosphere with the looping drums adding to the whimsical affair, taking her own sadness with the jubilance of lockdown ending to form a bittersweet symphony of euphonic delights. Her carefree melodies capture and shimmering personality are a joy to behold, whether you want to let loose and live life like you’re in a John Hughes movie or be left alone with your thoughts as her lyrics provide a place of solace for you, Sea Lemon has got that special spark.

Wrapped in nostalgia and a whimsical undertone that belongs in an A24 coming of age movie, Sea Lemon’s debut single makes her a raw talent who’s dreamy sound you need to keep an eye on as we edge closer to the new year.

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