Not only is N3PTUNE an explosive sonic talent who’ll floor you with one note of his magnetic, powerful and passionate sound, but he’s also producer, dancer, model, actor, and director. He’s essentially a one man creative team which explain why he’s making a such a big ruckus in the Denver scene with him carving out a sonic lane for himself that’s got plenty of people talking. One listen to BLACK HORSE and you’ll see why, Gospel runs deep through his sound and his voice was MADE for his amalgamation of Gospel, pop, blues, and soul forming something only a creative like himself could think of. His vocal has the gravitas and power to raise the roof of whatever building he plays and it clearly shows with him consistently going from strength to strength throughout the single. Belting out notes as if its second nature whilst igniting a fire within us through his unbridled passion, captivatingly raw performance style and bold sonic stylings that will have your jaw hitting the floor time and time again. You can’t put a label on him because that’s not a word in the dictionary that defines what he does.

Denver has got a gem with this artist, I’m sure it won’t be long before Colorado is praising him, followed by the U.S.A, followed by North America and soon after the world. Keep a close eye on this standout talent.

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