CACTUS ORANGE – i see ghosts

Over the past year I’ve become quite acquainted with CACTUS ORANGE’s tearjerking music. If you’re a fan of the heart-wrenching stuff they usually play at the end of Grey’s Anatomy during the slow motion montages of someone leaving the show / patient losing their life then he’s the artist for you. The melancholia he injects into his songs is something to be praised and we’ll be doing just that with his latest single i see ghosts. Reminiscent of Jeremy Zucker during his early years, the intimate acoustic guitar lead ballad is the perfect example of more doesn’t mean better because his minimalistic use of instrumentals allows the story to hit home harder that ever before. He doesn’t require any bells and whistles to captivate us, all he needs is the gentle strumming of his acoustic guitar, the lullaby tones of his angelically toned vocal and introspective lyrics that filter their way through your mind and become apart of your inner psyche for many weeks to come. Safe to say intimate ballads are kind of his creme de la creme.

Be sure to add the entirety of CACTUS ORANGE’S discography to any emotional playlists you’ve got, he’ll fit right in and help you get through whatever rough time you’re experiencing.

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