If you’re going to crash a car on a summer trip to Los Angeles, you might as well come out with a song idea that hits almost as hard as the impact of the crash. Luckily the idea, quite literally, hit TYSM! and upon realisation he swiftly got to work, writing a draft of the track whilst waiting for the two truck and inevitable issues of the car’s insurance. Then we move forward to today, CRASH THE RENTAL is as chaotic as the incident itself, tackling the sheer madness we often face throughout life before finding the silver lining of the situation at hand; that this will make one hell of a song. The vibe filled production matches his feelings during the puppy love stage of his relationship, wanting to move a million miles a minute and get to the happy ending he has envisioned in his head before ultimately realising that sometimes it’s better to take it slow and not turn this into a high speed crash. His intimate vocal glides over the laidback yet shifting production as he croons an array of intimate lyrical musings that invite you to bare witness to the scene at hand, seeing every little detail of his thought process during this time. Include a visual that’s rather stunning and you’ve got another home run of a track from the young artist.

All we can say to TYSM! is thank you so much for this astonishing track that I’m certain we’ll be blasting on repeat for weeks to come. Dive into CRASH THE RENTAL and his discography right now, you won’t regret it!

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