Selena Tibert – Where It’s Dark

One of my favourite soundtracks of all time is The Hobbit soundtrack. The mystical guitars and ethereal landscape that was crafted for that movie was something truly magical and it’s rare I find anything I truly believe could rival that mythical sonic world that was created. New York based songstress Selena Tibert however hasn’t just rivalled it, she’s scrapped it and formed her own wonderful land where her celestial vocal functions as our narrator whilst the other-worldly soundscape forms the world for us to completely lose ourselves in. Hauntingly beautiful with a devious undertone that makes you feel like you’re traveling through an ominous graveyard, Where It’s Dark demonstrates how she’s come on leaps and bounds from her earlier stuff back in 2020. The lullaby orientated guitars lead the hypnotic production with a choir of eery vocals backing her up, creating a sinisterly magical atmosphere where you become the main character in a compelling story of witchcraft that’s as good as any New York Times best selling author. It’s best described as magical, there’s no other word that fits this so perfectly.

It takes a supreme talent to craft a world and tale like this, Selena Tibert has got that Midas touch where everything she’s touched here has turned to shimmering gold that shines even in the dark. Dive into her sensational music today.

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