Betcha – 5AM

The Nashville based band Betcha’s sound is reminiscent of if you combined the energy of a live WALK THE MOON performance with the pop rock edge of All Time Low, and honestly what’s not to love about that. Their previous releases have all been stadium anthems, the tracks you blast out loud with a huge hustling and bustling crowd dancing like crazy to the enigmatic guitars and thumping percussion section whilst singing every single word back at you as if it were second nature. However, whilst most modern stadium anthems focus on the happy-go-lucky side of things they do the complete opposite. Amidst the energetic riffs and electrifying melodies that are littered throughout their sound is an emotionally intuitive core. Their lyrics unlock vivid morose memories of our past that we thought we buried deep within our subconscious, allowing us to relive them once again and heal as a result of their passionate performance style and cathartic lyrical outbursts. Turn your speakers on, blast this out in your room and you’ll go from feeling sorry for yourself to feeling sorry for those who wronged you!

Their latest track 5AM is a testament to this philosophy. The high octane production is a highlight, maintaining a consistent momentum throughout that propels you through the sonic landscape as if you’d just been launched from a catapult, still being able to admire the scenery around in the process. With an electrifying chorus that was made for live shows and packs an almighty punch, a stellar vocal display and a gritty edge to tie it all together, you can betcha bottom dollar that I’ll be up til 5AM blasting this bad boy out.

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