STEFAN THEV – voodoo queen


There’s be a surprising lack of Halloween releases this year. Not many spooky tracks emerging from the shadows to soundtrack our Halloween night so we have to go back to the classics like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. However I soon realised the reason for this might be because word got out that STEFAN THEV was dropping the highlight of the haunted musical calendar, genuinely after one listen to voodoo queen you’ll be ready to don your mask and let the fear factor rise. The ominous production of sinister synths building up the nerve-wracking tension of the tale as a menacing electric guitar exults it’s foreboding messaging over a choir of eery chants, making you feel like you’re in a horror movie straight from the get go. Let’s just hope we all survive this one. THEV’s vocal is sublime as always, understanding the assignment with ease as he inauspiciously croons his wicked spell that’s put his love interest in a trance and, as the track title suggests, has become his voodoo queen. Include the music video that is better than the majority of horror movies I’ve had the displeasure of watching this year and you’ve got a fright fest that’ll be on our Halloween playlists for many years to come.

Luckily with STEFAN THEV we never need him to ask trick or treat because we know we’re going to be given a delectable delight, I’m talking full chocolate bar type of treat. If you love this, check out his debut ON THE EDGE WITH U, it’s more than worth a listen.

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