26 BATS! – midnight fire


With a name like 26 BATS! you’d fully expect something spooktacular to drop during the horror and gore season and luckily we’ve received just that through the music video of their hypnotic single midnight fire. Burning brighter than a forest fire blazing through the night when the moon is full and the haunted ghouls come out to play, this track is an eery single because of how true the lyrics are to many people out there. Airing their own grievances at the mismanagement of the world we’re in, ranging from the billionaires not paying their fair share in taxes, mental health issues going unnoticed and politicians being puppets for people with high powers. All of this is showcased in this music video, the smaller people of the world being represented as different oddities (batgirls, cats, siamese twins etc) and are soon put on show for the higher powers entertainment, all until a rebellion happens. Yup, whilst most creepy tracks and videos will feature horror scenarios that are cliches from different movies, this one is genuinely terrifying because of how real it all is.

Whilst the rest of their album Portal Party isn’t as scary it’s still an outstanding project. Great storytelling, passionate vocal performances, unique sonic landscapes, quirky ideologies on display, there’s just an abundance of wonderful things to take in throughout this project.

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