Gavin Leatherwood – Driftwood Mermaid


If you’re going through rough heartbreak currently then Gavin Leatherwood’s intimate sophomore single Driftwood Mermaid will strike you at your very core with his piercing lyrics that effortlessly express his inner torment from missing his ex-girlfriend. After attending a wedding Leatherwood’s clear mind soon became foggy with a faint silhouette of someone he once remained so intensely close with, leading to a mirage like image forming out at sea in the form of a piece of driftwood looking like a mermaid. From this we get this intense single, going from a tender folk sound where his dreamy vocal croons the poetic lyrics, to a clashing sound of raw guitars and booming drums in a sweet moment of catharsis. Shifting from angelic softness to fervent belts perfectly conveys Leatherwood’s pain, keeping it all bottled up and ruminating in his mind as the world passes by until he can no longer contain it and screams at the top of his lungs for the world to hear. This whirlwind of emotion gently fades into the distance as we reach the finale where Leatherwood’s moment of relief ends. His mind defogs and becomes crystal clear again, he feels like he can finally breathe once more and his vision has now become a single piece of driftwood floating off into the distance.

Having spent the majority of his acting career perfecting other people’s vision, this project is entirely his. He’s not hiding behind the guise of a character, he’s openly himself and is showcasing that with every track he unveils to the world. Be sure to dive into his sonic musings and let his intimate soundscape become the soundtrack to your heartbreak.

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