Only Twin – Waves


Ever wondered what Phil Collins would sound like if he was born in the modern era and was really into emo music? Well look no further because that is exactly how Only Twin, Thomas Dutton, describes his music and he’s got it nail to a tee. Channelling his emotional devastation into a powerful sonic experience that sees him soar across the sky and glide across the water, Waves is a track that starts off slow, laying the foundations for a climatic conclusion that reaches the height of New York skyscrapers. Starting off with a somber production of intimate instrumentals and a halcyon vocal that croons an array of hauntingly beautiful lyrics that pierce through your heart like a dagger, it soon grows to a drama based finale of seismic cathartic quality as melancholia washes over you like a wave. It’s something you’d expect to hear at the end of an early 2000’s CW show where you’re left at a cliffhanger after watching our two favourite lovers go their separate ways with all the cinematic glory it can off. I’d akin this to In The Air Tonight’s drama mixed with the ballad styling of Ed Sheeran and emotional punch of Adele.

The emotional resonance of Only Twin’s music is outstanding. He has us in the palm of his hand as he artfully tells us a story, having us on the edge of the seat as each word paints a further detail of this enthralling story until the end where we’re left in awe of the full picture we’ve been presented with.

Must Read