Delivering a one punch knock out with a debut that goes alongside the likes of Drivers Licence as one of the best debuts of 2021 so far, iHATEYOUTRAVY commands your attention from the get go with his calm and collected emo-rap styled vocal gliding over his iridescent soundscape. CRAZY is, like the title might suggested, a mindbogglingly good track with the genre-bending production featuring thumping beats that reverberate through your body over the melancholy acoustic guitar plucking patterns and off-kilter 808s. His lyrics are delivered with such passion, evoking an instant emotional connection that leaves you falling deeper into the lugubrious world he’s crafted. He’s open and honest with his feelings as the evocative display of heart-wrenching emotion cascades down upon you until you can’t really tell what is water and what is your own tears. Safe to say this track is something that requires high amounts of tissues and an emotional support friend to help you get through the trauma he offers.

Safe to say that iHATEYOUTRAVY will be a name that will pop up many times as we slowly enter the new year. If you’re a fan of emo-rap music similar to that of Post Malone and iann dior then this is an artist you need to hop onto so you can claim you knew them before they blew up. Keep an eye on this one.

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