Cece Coakley – Listerine


Cece Coakley is a natural storyteller. She takes her own pain mixed with her moments of personal reflections and translates them into sonic musings that blurs the divide between her and her listeners, making her go from talent songstress to close acquaintance with a melancholic vocal riff. I’d akin her music to classic country but shown through an indie or alternative lens. Bringing forth the iconic storytelling of this era that saw countless fans flock to Johnny Cash shows but projects it into a modern soundscape that packs an emotional punch so devastating it would give Deontay Wilder a run for his money. Listerine demonstrates this beautifully with authentic honey drizzled vocal delicately crooning an array of heart-wrenching lyrics that’ll strike you at your very core. She’s a wordsmith who’s perfected the art of her craft, forming narratives that you become emotionally invested in and, before too long, you’ll find yourself reaching for the tissues. Her production backs this up too, sticking to an array of rustic instrumentations that bring you deeper into her world as the melancholia wraps around you and the story take you away. She’s a true diamond in the rough.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Coakley’s debut single Cliché then this is the perfect time to do so. With more music expected to be released early next year and two singles to hand that’ve smashed it out of the park, we have no doubt she’ll enter 2022 in stellar fashion.

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