Priestgate – Bedtime Story


Having grown up in the sleepy town of Driffield in East Yorkshire, the band Priestgate were used to quiet nights in, wasting the day by roaming around a place where the most exciting attraction was a funeral home and a sparse music scene that consisted a pub with a karaoke machine on a Tuesday night. In a quiet town they were inspired to be the noise that would wake everyone up, launching them from the mundanity of rural life and into a mosh pit of life that would fill them with an exhilarated joy that makes the small town life feel numb in comparison. Their sound is a battle cry against the dullness of this vibrant world, think early 2000’s coming of age movie with a soundtrack consisting of The Cure and The Smiths with an ending that sees the main character begin their journey outside their home town and you’ve got their music to a tee. So be prepared to hop into a thrill ride that will leave you sleepless for nights on end, which makes sense considering what their latest single is thematically focusing in on.

Bedtime Story is about the inability to fall asleep even when you’re feeling as safe as can be. The gothic production of haunting guitar riffs and spaced out drums compliments the almost nightmarish feel of the sound, especially when the looming vocals come in and add another melancholic layer to the passionate lyrical display. It’s reminiscent nostalgia inducing alternative music from the 1980’s but through a contemporary indie pop lens with an extra bit of angst thrown in there that makes their sound as intoxicating as it is enthralling.

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