Deyah – Genesis


The rap scene in Wales has been skyrocketing over the past year or so with artists like LEMFRECK emerging from the shadows and shining a light on what the new generation of Welsh talent has to say about their homeland. Deyah is one of those artists. Putting everything out on the table with lyrics that pack punch after punch, piercing through the noise to deliver impactful messages. From her childhood trauma, finding faith, almost losing faith, recovery, community, all of this and more is discussed through her vivid brand of storytelling that discovers the darkness we have harbouring within ourselves before shining a bright light upon it. Her EP Exit the Dance is a testament to all of this with Genesis being the standout track that left me floored and hungry for more the second the story driven narrative stopped. Giving insight into her trauma we’re taken on a journey, garnering a deeper understanding of her personality through her honest performance that feels like an open confessional from the artist herself. Her expressive flow puts emphasis on certain words like a precise marksman, making certain elements hit harder than ever before until you’re passed out on the floor envisioning the story that’s unfolded before you. All thanks to her effervescent sonic styling.

The future of the UK rap scene is looking to Wales. With countless emcees emerging from their up and coming underground of hip hop, grime and rap, they’re looking to set the standard of what a modern artist should be with Deyah being the head of the pack. Dive into her sonic world and get a taste of it for yourself.

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