Alissic – Piano


Having already impressed us with her addictive debut Like earlier this year, the Brazilian born model turned musician Alissic let the world know that she had arrived on the scene. Using her unconventional way of thinking she communicates deep messages regarding subjects we often struggle to discuss in breathtaking ways, often going out of the box with her methodology that you can easily lose yourself in. You just have to look at the music for her sophomore single Piano to see this, seriously within the first few seconds you’re introduced to a frog heavy affair that is as baffling as it is poignant, very much like the track itself. Her lyrics hold no prisoners, being blunt yet poetic as she depicts what self-harm can do to someone and how they don’t see the people around them because they’re so caught up within their own pain. Her unique vocal tone glides through her production of pulsating basslines and slick melodic riffs that perfectly reflects the unorthodox sonic universe she’s crafting, forming a musical version of Alice in Wonderland. Akin to Britney Spears collaborating with Tim Burton, Alissic makes pop music for the outcasts of the world and that’s why we keep coming back to her.

Alissic is just at the start of her musical journey but she has big plans to create something that is as completely abnormal as her mindset is. She’s smashed it with her first two releases and is in the process of turning the world she has only within the confides of her imagination, into a spellbinding reality.

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