Sam MacPherson – Songs for Sam

Time and time again Sam MacPherson has proven himself to be a ridiculously talented pop songwriter. You just have to listen to his back catalogue that’s filled with countless tracks that modern pop hit makers would be insanely jealous of, heck if Bieber, Niall Horan or Julia Michaels dropped one of these tracks they’d probably be at No.1 for months on end. Whether it be writing acoustic driven ballads that will see you bawl your eyes out for three minutes solid over lovers you consistently struggle to forget or making uplifting pieces of pop that were made for blasting out on your car stereo, MacPherson has a song for every occasion and his debut EP exemplifies this. Filled with a myriad of different sonic influences and lyrics that would satisfy Paul McCartney, Songs for Sam is for no one else other than himself, as the title suggests, and it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

Each track isn’t written for someone, it’s written for the person who MacPherson once was, saying everything he needed to hear during heartbreak, struggles with life and breaking his own bad habits. Each track offers something different, ranging from future summer anthems that I can see being blasted around Santa Monica pier (Start), tearjerkers made for late night crying sessions (Routine), all the way to cathartic moments that make you walk with a little bit of pep in your step (Counts). As songwriters go, MacPherson manages to show his versatility as well put a big stamp on his signature sound that lets people know exactly what they’re getting from this rapidly rising songwriter. No doubt after this he’ll be writing hits for other top selling artists and booking sell out shows for himself in the process.

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