Emma Elisabeth – Lovers

Channeling the grandiose of classic country, that’s seen a massive resurgence over the past few years, but viewing it through a contemporary pop lens that Swedish artists like Zara Larsson have become the blue print of, Emma Elisabeth explores how epic yet fragile a relationship can be. In Lovers her pristine vocal effortlessly expresses the joys that can come from the initial rush that comes at the start of a relationship, the honeymoon phase where you’re wearing rose tinted glasses and dancing through life and skimming the surface of what both of you want. Then of course we go through the downfall but, once everything is all said and down, you’re able to look back with a warm fondness over those whimsical moments you shared together. Her soundscape communicates this saudade beauty effortlessly, the country undertones allow the storytelling to shine like a coarse diamond with her dynamic lyrical storytelling pulling you into the backseat of the car for one hell of a ride as you let your imagination run wild. Be prepared for this Berlin based Swedish songstress to take you through all the stages of a relationship in just under three and a half minutes.

Ethereal, majestic and bittersweet, all of this is shown through Emma Elisabeth’s truly spellbinding sonic world with her songwriting being some of the best out there. Next time you want to lose yourself in a Netflix romance movie, maybe listen to this track for a while instead and create a cinematic marvel in your own mind.

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