Buppy – Fight The Temptation ft. The China Blue

I’ve praised Buppy countless times in the past for his sincere brand of storytelling, weaving together introspective tales based on past love induced experiences that many people insert themselves into, forming a natural portrayal of love’s ups and downs. At 17 years old he’s able to create award winning narratives that belong in Oscar nominated movies as recounts his own coming of age story to us through a myriad of contemplative lyrics that reflect upon his open vulnerability and bring his sonic vision to life in dazzling fashion. Raw and honest, it’s hard to find someone quite brutally real as Buppy within this sonic space. He doesn’t masquerade his emotions behind a plethora of decorated masks to distract from what’s truly going on, no he does the complete opposite and bares his soul to the listener and gets as real as can possibly be. He strips it all down to the core elements, leaving you with an overwhelming amount of breathtaking emotion that will leave you floored.

If you ever needed proof of all of that, then just dive into his latest collaboration with The China Blue titled Fight The Temptation. We see a love story unravel in front of us as if we were there ourselves, living through the timid beginnings where butterflies flutter around his stomach, to the complicated arguments and bickering leading the the inevitable downfall and the longing for that time where you could wrap yourself in each other’s arms and forget about the world outside. Buppy’s vocal captures the true emotion of the piece, going through these bittersweet emotions through a reflective lens as goes from elation to sorrow at the blink of an eye with The China Blue equalling him blow for blow in that department. With a production dancing the fine line between a modern pop hit with a truly anthemic chorus and alt R&B with verses reminiscent of early Post Malone, Buppy truly has created a stand out moment here.

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