anotherboy – Charmer

Being one viral Tik Tok away from becoming an indie pop heartthrob, New Jersey based musician Anthony Vilardi, otherwise known by his stage name of anotherboy, produces magnetising pieces of indie pop you’d expect to see featured in countless Netflix coming of age movies (not The Kissing Booth). Filled with an unmistakable charm, his heartfelt reflections upon his life lead to a myriad of addictive pop hooks portrayed through his distorted vocal filter that captured the madness of his lyrical musings as well as the introspective beauty that comes from this. With a plethora of influences ranging from pop and electronica to hip hop and R&B, no matter what the genre this artist can turn it into a personalised banger that is perfect for crying along with or blasting out on a car trip into the unknown. From radiant pop songs to thrilled electronic numbers, he crafts lush futuristic music that enters our heavy rotation every time he drops a track and today is no different.

Charming by name, charming by nature, Charmer is a wondrous affair filled with wistful electronics reminiscent of The 1975 and stirring guitar riffs that give off early 2000’s pop punk energy. His warped vocal compliments the distorted soundscape perfectly, allowing you to lose yourself in the music, becoming one with the poignant lyrical performance and getting addicted to the spiralling haywire of clashing melodies that soon erupt in euphonic glory at the grand climax. If you ever want an example of an artist who isn’t afraid to go the distance and attempt to break through any boundary put in his way, then look no further than anotherboy.

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