Putting Northampton’s rap scene on the map with his charismatic flow and personality filled lyrics, DeBe is making one hell of a statement in NICE GUY. His lyrical wit is razor sharp as he lists of a flurry of amusing lyrics that place his tongue firmly in his cheek, making his storytelling become reminiscent of that overly jovial mate who unveils his stories amidst a barrage of jokes when, in reality, there’s a slightly serious undertone that we slowly pick up on. He sees himself as a nice guy but consistently questions some of his past actions and wonders if he’s actually as nice as he thinks he is, despite the fact we’re all human and it’s not as black and white as it all seems. Complete with a booming production that compliments his over the top character that gives off Will Smith vibes during the early 90’s, Fresh Prince of Northampton anyone, this track is a comedic yet real affair that I’ll be blasting on repeat time and time again.

Whether it be smiling from ear to ear because of the amusing lyrics that could’ve come straight out of a Doc Brown set or reflecting upon your own past decisions that’ve left you wondering if you’re truly as nice and good as you believe you are, DeBe has it all for you here. With a mixed bag of sound ranging from dubstep to grime to hip hop, you need to hop onto DeBe and get addicted to his sound ASAP.

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