Michael Alan Scott – Process


One middle name away from becoming an iconic sitcom character, he’s probably sick of those jokes by now, Michael Alan Scott produces music that looks at the indie rock genre through an intimate lens. Imagine Phoebe Bridger’s heartbreaking sound melting together with the Artic Monkey’s raw sonic edge and you’re fairly close to his passionate sound, especially within his latest track Process. His insightful lyricisms create a hypnotic narrative that pulls you head first into the story, forming a movie in your mind as the tale unfolds before you with every nuanced piece of emotion being captured through a poetic barrage of introspective descriptors. His vocal is perfect for this style of track, never going over the top with vocal belts or riffs, instead focusing on the earnest nature of this story and letting the lyrics do all the talking for him. That’s the thing about his sound though, he captures emotion unlike anyone on the market right now. Each word he utters from his distinct vocal manages to pierce through any barrier we have up to protect ourselves from the world and allows us to unleash our emotion in a cathartic release with the raw production backing him up every step of the way.

If you’re ever going on a road-trip and want a song to soundtrack your one way ticket out of town and into the endless canyon of adventure that you’ll soon find yourself in, then he’s someone you need to hop onto ASAP. Fuse everything together with a music video that is like Wes Anderson directed Scott Pilgrim vs the World and you’ve got a home run.

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