Tucked In – Southern Towns


Tucked In’s sound is anything but sweet, instead having a raw passion and pungent taste that makes you continuously come back for more time and time again. Seriously, they’re the very definition of ear candy, maybe that’s why they formed in a candy shop in Brooklyn many years ago. Driven by traditional folk tunes you’d expect to hear a farmer blast out of their tractor as they collect the crops and the modern blues that croon the struggles of the common man, Tucked In never falter when it comes to their sonic manifesto. Being reminiscent of Alt J with a bit of southern flair, Southern Towns has a relaxing yet compelling sound that has this natural ability to take away from this world as if you were in some wondrous fantasy adventure. One listen to the rough melodies of animated guitars amidst an array of funk driven basslines as well as a looping percussion section and you’ll soon find yourself hooked like a fish during the summer season. It’s the perfect blend of genres, taking woozy melodies and psychedelic tendencies with a bit of southern country flair and blues driven lyrics to tie it all together in a euphonic bow.

There’s something quite enthralling about their sound, I can’t put my finger on what exactly but with all the majesty their sound offers I’m not sure I want to find out. Listen after listen and you’ll continuously find new things that are more fascinating than before and, in no time at all, you’ll be singing this word for word as if you’d written it yourself.

Must Read