Lucinda Grace – Time Moves Too Fast For Me


As the world moves 100 miles a minute we often forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of the moment we’re living in and, in the blink of an eye, that time will disappear in a flash of smoke. Time runs away from us and the panic soon begins to set in, small things we used to do everyday have now become distant memories. Things change and, for a lot of us, we don’t like where the time is going and the changes that are occurring with Lucinda Grace putting that caster pot of swirling and ever changing emotions into one song. Time Moves Too Fast For Me is one part 2000’s coming of age movie and one part road trip into the unknown with friends you haven’t seen since you were a teenager, creating a beautiful blend of nostalgic melancholy and euphoria. Her ethereal vocal strikes that balance of finding the wonder of time moving forward and the fear it brings. Yes people change and the world around you begins to alter in ways you don’t wish to think of as you go from party bags at Birthday parties to nights drinking alone, but there’s joys to be found in it as well. Children being born, meeting your lifelong partner, adventures into the unknown, all of this is captured through this whimsical production and the hypnotic narrative of her spellbinding lyrics that collide together in breathtaking fashion.

Whether it’s knowing that someone else has the same fear that comes with time as you do, allowing yourself to get wrapped up in a nostalgic daydream or nervously embracing what the future holds for you, Lucinda Grace has written a song for all of us. Beautifully saudade, it’s a wondrous affair that belongs in any A24 movie.

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