Jacob Daley – Real Estate


If you’ve become acquainted with Jacob Daley’s sound recently then you’ll know how much of departure his latest track is from his usual pop rap styling that has garnered him so much love from his small cult like fanbase. However, venturing away from his usual sonic realms has been a blessing in disguise as this track is an indie anthem that was designed for long road trips into the sunset with only your nearest and dearest beside you. Real Estate is about battling through your own flaws to better a relationship you believe in, even when those around you and even your partners parents disagree and think you’re good for nothing and will be in jail in a few years time. Someone gives A24 a call, this song has the story for their next movie and this addictive number can even be in the soundtrack. It captures the spark that comes with romances like these, the fire that burns deep into the night that leaves you feeling unbelievably warm and cozy as the stars shine above and make you realise the true wonder that someone in this world can make you feel. It champions the idea of changing yourself for the better, growing and becoming the person you believe your partner deserves.

Laidback guitar riffs that gently strum along through the breezy soundscape amidst an array of lullaby themed synths and thumping drums that add to the ambience of the atmosphere as Jacob’s candid lyrics pierce through our soul and make an instant connection. Like the song itself, Jacob is growing into a fine artist and venturing past the boxes people previously trapped him in. He now has the ability to spread his wings and soar.

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