Keyan7e – I aint finished the song yet


Drawing on his colourful freestyles and fusing it together with his own life experiences, Kenyan7e shows off his icy cool lyrical flow in his latest release I aint finished the song yet. Despite the name, the track is extremely polished with Kenyan7e ebbing and flowing with the beat like a pro whilst the production hypes you up to a ridiculously extent. Seriously blast this out of your car stereo on the way to work, a night out with friends or a big game and you’ll soon be pumped up beyond your wildest dreams. But it gets even better after multiple listens though, because you soon pick up on little nuances that leave you snapping your fingers and wondering how you missed it the first time. It’s like an amalgamation of the legends of the early 90’s like Tupac and Outkast and contemporary artists like Drake and Kanye West, making a timeless hip hop sound you can bop your head along with and get hyped with.

Brimming with high octane energy that was made to fill arenas, enticing trumpets, symphonic bells, a shifting production that booms with the underlying power the bass offers and a flair filled flow to tie it all together. The sky is truly the limit for what this Chicago based rapper has to offer. If he can keep banging out freestyles like this with killer lyrics and epic flows to match, then there’s no telling what he can do.

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