slimdan – MVP

Having made a name for himself behind the scenes, collaborating with the likes of Diplo and Sasha Sloane, slimdan now takes his moment to move from behind the curtain and into the spotlight as he breaks the long-standing rules of pop in favour of a more unorthodox and expressive sound. Inspired by a little league game where he began crying and the crowd of parents had to clap for him to make him feel better, MVP is his tale of chasing that attention again, but hopefully with a bit more adulation attached to it. The inspiring lyrics are filled with the same hopes and dreams many of us experience when we first leave our home town for greener pastures, the idea of making our loved ones proud of us and doing some amazing things ruminates in our mind and spurs us to change the world. Opening his heart to us with his most heartfelt desire makes his optimism transcend onto us. You can’t help but smile as you doing the same, turning your hometown into a parade of people congratulating you and become the MVP you never turned out to be when you were a kid.

With a lilting vocal filled with whimsical joy, an uplifting production reminiscent of Rusted Root’s classic Send Me On My Way and a heartfelt message at its core through the sincere lyrics, slimdan’s debut is a magical affair. He’s not trying to dominate the charts, he’s not aiming to become the next Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish. He just wants to create music that connects with people and makes them the best people they can be.

slimdan ยท MVP

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