Sabrina Lee – Somethin’ About You

Whilst her peers in high school were panicking about exam, stressing about homework and worrying what college they’d attend, Sabrina Lee was crafting banger after pop banger that could raise the roof off of any arena. Being an amalgamation of current pop greats, taking the idiosyncratic flair of Billie Eilish, the unrivalled pop hooks of Chelsea Cutler and the passion of Halsey’s breathtaking vocal to form a distinct pop sound with chameleon like tendencies that allow her to adapt of whatever soundscape she wishes to create. That is shown in full today with Somethin’ About You, a melancholy pop track on the surface but as you listen you’ll notice little things that make it something fascinatingly unique. With a hook that’s reminiscent of Daft Punk’s summer anthem Get Lucky, a discotheque inspired melodic groove and introspective lyrics about a love story where happily ever after is only a fantasy, this is will soundtrack those nights where all you want to do is dance away your problems. The stark contrast of danceable melodies and heartfelt narrative is on par with many veteran pop artists, seriously Sabrina Lee makes songwriting seem as easy as anything within her stellar sonic musings.

Her back catalogue is something to marvel over. Going from intimate ballads that you can cry your eyes out along with (Hurt) to addictive pop tracks that belong at the top of the Billboard charts (Be There), she truly has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a new pop superstar to hop onto, then look no further.

“I wrote this song because I never truly wanted to explain how I was feeling, I knew it didn’t make sense to me, and also knew no one would understand.  I was obsessing over this particular person but I knew damn well I would never actually be able to be with this person because no matter how much we wished for us to happen, and no matter how much we felt an attraction and connection with each other, it would’ve been too complicated and we both would be better off alone.”

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