Mellah – Heaven Only Knows


Many a moon ago The Beach Boys released their timeless single God Only Knows, a poetic love song about how without that special person in our lives we don’t know who we’d be in this world. I believe that Mellah’s latest track Heaven Only Knows is the perfect juxtaposition to this track, both in name and in the message. Wrapped in wistful melancholia that’s formed through a minimalistic production comprised of a tender guitar and occasional drum beat, Mellah is at a crossroads as he wonders whether or not he and his partner will find a way to stay together. His halcyon vocal with his celestial timbre, reminiscent of Bon Iver, croons the poetic lyrical imagery about this time, allowing us to take a deeper glance at the emotional strain he was experiencing and the thoughts ruminating in his mind about this relationship. Like a coin he flips between two sides, one filled with nervous anxiety and the other with excitement as he considers what will happen either way and what ramifications and joys can come from them. He perfectly captures being caught in two minds and devestation that could be happen no matter what choice is made.

Whilst he usually has a flair for infectious melodies and off-kilter production stylings, Mellah is really showcasing his diverse artistry here. Candidly exploring his troubles and inviting us to bare witness to his inner dialogue in an intimate setting that’s unlike anything he’s ever done before. Beautifully sincere, Mellah is someone everyone needs to add to their tearjerking playlist.

“It started life as a song about whether me and my partner at the time could find a way to stay together, but ended up as a broader question asking whether we could all find a way to cohabit together; if not in harmony then at least in some semblance of tolerance. The pandemic has felt like a crossroads; for me at least, it’s thrown everything up in the air, creating in equal measure an atmosphere of both anxiety and excitement when considering how it will all fall back down to earth again. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is just asking, ‘how do we want it to look when / if it all lands?’”

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