Bringing out music so hot the sun is jealous, WHO SHOT SCOTT is putting the New Zealand hip hop scene on the map with his ferociously quick witted introspective musings and high octane, zestful production. His sound is a triumphant, using experimental production techniques to form a distinct soundscape that contains all the thrill rides of a 15 storey high rollercoaster, contrasting the transparent nature of his lyrics which dwell on his authentic self. One listen to any of his tracks and you’ll be hyped up for the rest of the day, getting ready to take on the world and walk with an extra bit of swagger in your step that makes you look like you’ve come back from fighting a heavyweight boxing champion and took away his belt. Yep, his confidence transfers onto you and helps you find the voice you need to make your mark. His lyrics give you a much need confidence boost and the tongue-in-cheek nature of them will have your grinning in no time.

His latest track LOVE WE’LL NEVER KNOW is gritty, raw and damn near irresistible. Hard-hitting synths are littered throughout at they boom and reverberate through your body whilst the tribal influenced drums get your head bopping along to the beat and distorted electronics bring his broad lyrical explorations to the forefront. Filled with charisma he refuses to back down, being completely unapologetic and confidently shows off his enticing flow that brings out a flurry of enthralling lyrics that grip you like the latest Netflix blockbuster. With ridiculously high replay value, this track is certainly entering my heavy rotation.

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