IMOGEN – Sleeptight


Through her vivid lyrical narrative that portrays the darker parts of the human psyche with such potency you have to take a step back, IMOGEN continues to tackle difficult subject matters with such poise and grace that leaves a long lasting impact, staying with you long after the track has finished playing. Within Sleeptight she battles against the societal treatment of women’s bodies and the reluctance often faced with women coming forward about the misconduct of others. Setting her anger against a booming pop track, we see an enthralling juxtaposition form. Using the Trojan Horse effect she disguises the hard-hitting message the majority of people shy away from with a zestful production of foot-tapping beats that make you want to dance like no one is watching, finding empowerment within the release of the message. It’s powerful stuff that only expands further through the brooding drums and evocative soundscape she effortlessly crafts to give this message a strong platform that can be belted out for all to hear as she embodies the raw passion an emotionally intuitive track like this craves.

Going from writing tender piano ballads, reminiscent of early Birdy, to grand alternative pop anthems is a big departure for IMOGEN but she’s made it seem as easy as breathing. Captivating from start to finish, she makes music that leaves thoughts ruminating in your head for weeks on end and, as she’s showed today, leaves an empowering message that sends chills dancing down my spine.

Must Read