Rancid Eddie – Dry


Rancid Eddie are renowned currently for their effortlessly happy-go-lucky sound that encourages you to sing along at the top of your lungs as if you were live at a concert performing their music yourself. Need proof? Then you hop on board the hype train and listen to their highly anticipated viral Tik Tok hit Dry. It’s reminiscent of campfire music, the type of stuff you all sing in unison, not caring about the key you’re in or whether you sound good but just belting out the feel good melodies in rapturous harmony with friends around you for an everlasting memory. This feel good anthem is like serotonin getting injected directly into your bloody veins with surf-rock guitar buoyantly blending together with the classic indie production style that screams lifelong summer joy. It gets better though because they allow you to live out your main character fantasies. If you go running down anywhere with this track, be it blasting out of your car speakers, played out of your speaker at a bonfire or strummed by a friend with an acoustic guitar in the middle of the field, you feel truly infinite. Like the world has stopped for a moment and focused in upon you and your friends living their best life.

Wonderfully jubilant melodies, a euphoric atmosphere, a buoyant percussion, feel-good guitar riffs and a charismatic vocal tying it all together, Rancid Eddie have produced something that you can’t help but fall head over heels for. Their name might be rancid but their sound is fresh as can be.

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