Kevin Garrett – Lonely Like Me

Kevin Garrett built up his reputation by writing emotionally tender ballads that packed an almighty punch and soundtracked countless late night crying sessions where Garrett’s dulcet tones made us feel less alone, even if we were isolating ourselves for this cathartic moment. He won countless hearts over with this music and even lead to him getting a grammy nomination, but today he’s venturing away from his past, turning the page to the next chapter and introducing us to a side we’ve yet to see from Kevin before.

Showing off more of his dry sense of humour through his witty yet irony soaked lyrics, Lonely Like Me still maintains the emotional core of his music, but instead of his production containing a stripped back piano he goes for a more pop inspired sound with an R&B undertone, giving us a fresh taste of what’s to come. His vocal is utterly sublime, keeping us on tenterhooks throughout with his evocative tone but adding a new sense of charisma to the piece, almost like an old friend who you’re happily joking with during a slightly somber moment of your life. Garrett might be exploring new territories today but we’ll happily follow him wherever he ventures off to, just happy to be brought along for the artist’s spellbinding journey and mesmerising soundscape.

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